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Shanghai Residence

Renting apartment in Shanghai Promote Package

  rental (RMB) commission Registration of temporary dwelling Service fee for Visa (CNY) Visa Extension(CNY)
package 1
less than 7000
35% of one month rental
1 time free / person
package 2
7,000 to 20,000
2 times free / person (family)
package 3
20,000 to 50,000
5 times free / person (family)
package 4
more than 50,000
8 times free / person (family)

Note: Visa applicant shall meet the conditions required by laws.


Residence services      view http://www.aptsh.com for details


Pre-move questionnaires (Orientation & Home Search) completed by a client allow us to develop an individualized assessment of each client's relocation needs before arrival.

Orientation materials and targeted property information are sent to our clients before arrival.

Our web site (http://www.aptsh.com) is updated to provide clients with general Shanghai and China information before arrival.


Pre-move questionnaire provided for a client to identify their specific housing needs.

Deliver a substantive and detailed report with recommendations that respond specifically to the client's particular housing needs.

Prepare a list of qualified properties with a visiting schedule according to client's requirements.

Accompany client for property viewing and introduction.

Assist client to prepare a shortlist of property options.

Negotiation of the best terms of lease or sale.

Arrange for legal consultation.

Provide reports to expatriate's HR department on the progress made in a home search.


For long distance relocations, introduction to a professional local relocation company.

Introduction to international relocation companies offering special discounts to our clients.

Assistance to arrange property and furniture packing/delivery according to contract.

Final property status check with all necessary follow-up service before move-in date.

Accompany the client for move-in formalities with property management officer.

Check furniture and appliances. Sign the furniture and appliance list.

Inventory any defects (scratches and cracks on furniture, appliances and walls).

Check water, electricity, gas meters and sign the meter records.

Hand over the keys to the client. Remind the client to sign the Key Handling List.

Hand over remote controls, appliance manuals and arrange for car parking.


Follow-up call confirming the client's satisfaction within 7 days after move-in.

Promptly respond to any special requirements of our clients with efficient quality service.

Mediation between client and landlord.

Services related to lease renewal.

Breaking a lease negotiation and administration.

Ensure the refund of security deposits.

Maintain a computerized Corporate Contract Management Chart (including tenant and landlord information, rent, payment date, lease term, deposit status, renewal status).

Update monthly Client's Track List¡± tracking when new clients arrive in Shanghai .

Solicit feed back from clients in order to make improvements in our services.