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Value Added Services



Following services are offered to our existing customers for value added services. These services will not be provided separatly and free of service fee normaly.

Visa and residence permit services
how to get residence permit which is issued by Exit-Entry Administration Bureau

Step1, Work Approvement

Every foreigner who comes to Shanghai for work shall be approved by Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau at first before he arrived at Shanghai. The age is limited, which is required to be from 18 to 60. But the direct investors or legal representative of company are excepted. The representatives of Rep Office are approved to skip this step.


Step 2, Invitation Letter

We could obtain the invitation letter issued by SMCC and sent it to overseas. This invitation letter will be used for applying for “Z” Visa to enter into China.


Step 3, “Z” Visa

Expat could apply for “Z” Visa with the invitation letter in an overseas China Embassy.


Step 4, Welcome to Shanghai


Step 5, Physical Examination

Expat should go to the hospital appointed to take a physical examination. We will make a reservation with hospital. In case the expat arrived at Shanghai without getting a “Z” Visa, we suggest he/she doing this step before applying for “Z” Visa.


Step 6, Work Permit

If the examination result is regular, SMHR will issue a work permit certificate to you.


Step 7, Residence Permit Certificate

Exit-Entry Administration Bureau will issue a residence permit certificate with one or two years period. In this period of validity, there's no limit for exit and entry. It could be renewed before expiring.


Step 8, Family Members

Every family member will also get the residence permit certificate after physical examination. But the child over the age of 18 shall be accepted by a school in Shanghai.


We provide all above services except step 3.